I Thought I Knew You

You were always the one calling me on the phone needing a friend to listen.
I was ready to hear, I was ready to help and give you a shoulder to cry on.
You were always the victim with some tragic story
But before I knew it you made a victim out of me.

I thought I knew you, I thought I knew you
But your world was nothing that I knew.
I thought I knew you, now I see through you
And what I know now just breaks me down
And blows my world apart.
I thought I knew you.

And now I am the one who is left hanging on
Playing it over and over in my mind
Wish that I knew the “whys” behind all your lies
Maybe then I could leave it behind
Was it a cry for help that you were sending?
I still would’ve loved you without all of that pretending.


So where do we go from here?
Do we start over, could this all just disappear?
Where do we go…?


w/m Leah Martensen & Beth Champion Mason
© 2008 Leah Martensen (ASCAP) & Beth Champion Mason (BMI)