People are talking about their stories and there's a reason why. Everything I know about being a Christian has come from, well, stories. Growing up I learned all about this person named Jesus from stories in Sunday School. The teacher would put up their flannel pictures on the display board and tell us stories from the Bible. We sang songs that told of stories from God's word. As an adult I listened to the pastor as he read right from the Bible the stories God ordained. So, why would our own stories not have value, strength and (a) purpose?

God designed us to share our lives. We all have a purpose in reaching our communities and He's given us a tool to do so. Sharing our life through our stories is the most easiest, knowledgeable thing we can possibly do, that could leave the biggest impact on someone's life. I know this because...God brought Jesus down to earth to save the world one story at a time. From His birth to death Jesus' life was shared through his personal journey. We saw how people hated, despised, questioned and yet loved Him. We saw His anger, sadness and compassion. We learn about His life, and share His stories and grow in Christ because God designed us that way.

People want hope and hope comes from God. We all have something we have walked through, failed at and even rejoiced in that we can share. No one knows our stories like we do. No matter what we have been through, God was there with us. Sharing our stories with others will bring hope and strength to those that are lost, weak and searching. People are just waiting to hear about God's love, forgiveness and grace.

His Story/My Story is a great way to bring light to a very old way of communicating what we believe. And I am so excited about making His Story, My Story the focus of 2014. If you are too, message me and we can talk about planning an event, morning worship or women's event around my new theme for 2014. I love it when people finally get that "aha" moment and see how simple it is to share God's love through their own stories. Through my music, my own personal stories and a few fun moments I will challenge each and every person to tell their stories because God created a story to be shared. That's how important story sharing is.

I had a great time in Scottsboro, AL at the First United Methodist Celebrate Recovery last night. I can't tell you how excited I am to be down here in the south and meeting so many new people. Thank you all for being so warm and inviting. People ask me all the time was moving to the south a big adjustment for me and my answer is a whopping NO! Honestly, it's been amazing down here. Where I go, God goes with me and I'm sure he was very involved in bringing my husband and I down to Georgia. Every day I'm ready for whatever he brings in my life that's new. Every day it's a Good Day!

On another note I will be sharing at a women's conference in Iowa coming up in December. 

I will  also be sharing at a women's retreat in Canada this coming April! Don't forget to check out my schedule. There will be new dates added!

Mega Blessings!

WOW, I'm still having a hard time believing this, but I'm officially a Georgia resident! Today marks the day I am legally a Georgia driver vs an Ohio driver. I still can't believe God landed my husband and I down to this amazing state. It's so beautiful and the people are so friendly. I actually think I fit in real well down here. It's been a busy time for us but I see here in the near future things hopefully wrapping up in Ohio and us moving towards settling down and moving forward. It's been crazy having a house in Ohio and trying to make a life down here in Georgia but God has been faithful. He has supplied us with so many avenues and open doors along with people to help us when we needed it. I am so grateful for his leading, strength and peace. I don't know how people live without Christ in their lives.

Well, it's time for me to get back to scheduling. If you are reading this and are in Georgia or Alabama I look forward to possibly meeting you this year or 2014. Email me or give me a call. I'd love to hear from you!

God's blessings over ya'll! :)


It's here! Well, in CD cover form and downloads. I'd like to introduce you to my new project "Who I Really Am". I can say that I have never been so proud in all my life. I know that I gave my best in both writing and singing. I so hope you enjoy this new project but more importantly I hope you find something that changes your life.


Hey, check out this link where I did an interview with Living Joyfully Free with Lisa Buffaloe - Kind of tells my story and passion. . Enjoy! Thank you Lisa, I had a great time!

WOW, it's almost done! Yep, the next final project is now into mastering which means that's the final step before working on the CD cover. You might have noticed a few more new pictures on the site. Things are all coming together really nicely. From my page and from my CD I hope you'll get a picture of Who I Really Am.

It was time, time for a new website. I wanted a new look for the new CD coming out and I think this will be the perfect look! Let me know what you think and don't forget to join my list so you can keep up with all that new and where I'll be. I've started booking for 2013 so check my schedule for updates. OH, and look for my new CD "Who I Really Am" to be released sometime in October!

I'm off! Yes, I am headed to Virginia where I'll be laying down 4 new songs this week. I can't tell you have excited I am to finally be close to finishing up this new project. But, more importantly I'm excited about what's going to be on this new project. Almost all the songs I co-wrote. I have to tell you, that it feels so go to know that what's going to be on my CD is from my life. Struggles I went through, joys I went through, and lessons learned. If there were ever a CD I really felt that God was going to use it is this one. I can't wait to see where he leads with this new project and what hearts the words spoke to.

There's nothing like New England in the fall! Well, that's what I was told. I just got back for the New England tour where it rained the whole time I was there, but that didn't stop the many awesome women I met from attending the events. We had such a great time and I hear so many stories of life changing moments. Thank you New England for being so open to having the Coffee Break events. Hope I get to see you again one day. I'd love to see the sun in New England. :)

I'm working on my schedule for 2012. If you are in the beginning stages of planning an event please contact me. I'd love to be a part of it. Just email me!

Hey everyone!
This has been a wild last couple of years. I've hit the road more times in the last few years then I have my entire life. God has really opened the doors, I'm mean blew them open. I'm so thankful!

I have added a new speaking topic for 2011 called "Rahab". Check out the women's page to get the whole scoop on this new topic. For the first time I see this story in a whole new light that brought so much purpose and hope I had to study it and bring it to you all.

I love how God can take something old and make it look so new. He doesn't just do that will His words, but with His people too. "Rahab the Prostitute" Don't miss it!

"As a Christian Artist, I've had the opportunity to travel to other countries. But nothing has grabbed my heart like Africa! To this day I think back on that trip with fond memories wrapped with painful ones as well. I see people lost, hurting and hopeless.

There is nothing greater than God's Word. I'm so excited that I can still reach people that are close to my heart through OneVerse. It brings such a joy to me knowing that these people who are filled with hopelessness can now be reached as they work on translating their own Bibles. Isn't that the way Jesus would have probably done it? Let them show us how to translate their own Bible … and we'll show them the way to all their answers. What a great opportunity for me to reach more people than I ever imagined!"

About the Lughulu people: The Lughulu people live on ancestral land in and around the inland city of Morogoro. The majority of Lughulu speakers — including the Christians — still live in fear of spirits rather than experiencing the redemption and freedom they could know in Christ. The Scriptures in their mother tongue will offer believers tools for deliverance from the bondage of fear. It will also support personal spiritual growth and provide a solid foundation from which to reach out to others. Join us in providing Scripture for the Lughulu people today!

Leah Martensen Partners with

I know! It's been awhile! I'm so not the best at jogging down my thoughts. I say that I'm going to get better and I don't. But, I did find a way to kind of get to you what has been going on.

Take a look at the links page! I just uploaded a video that kind of puts together what was going on this summer. I was on tour for a month, came home for a few days, headed back out with the R2R tour, came back and then headed out on the Christian D.I.V.A.s tour in Oct. It's been busy! So, now do you understand how come it's so hard to jog my brain? Hope you enjoy the video on the links page! Let me know what you think! Blessings to you all as you grow closer to God's life for you!

WHOA! It's September again! 7 days before I head back on to the North Carolina area with Beth Champion Mason. If you don't know we have the Road To Recovery tour and we team up together a couple of times a year. I'm excited about going back out with Beth. It's been since February since the last time we were out together. That seems like such a long time! So...if you are in that area please check out the schedule! I'd love to meet you!

This summer I had the change to head out for over a month to the West Coast area. OK, well...I didn't see the coast but I did hit a lot of states! I met some amazing people. I also had the chance to spend some time with a friend I don't get to see very often. She took the whole month off just to travel with me. We had a great time. God reminded me over and over why I love him so much and he kept us safe. Thank you all for having me! It's was all my pleasure! Blessings to you all has you give of yourselves to reach others for Christ!

Wow! I just got back for the most awesome tour to date. God showed up in so many ways through his people that I don't even know where to begin to tell you all how amazing it was. From the CR leaders to the people sharing their stories to seeing those first time attenders make that decision to start clean with a first time chip. It does not get any better than watching people walk down and grab that first chip.

Those are moments I never want to forget. Thank you Florida/Georgia for a wonderful, heart changing recovery tour. You surely can't say that God did not show up. I have the biggest small on my face that will last a really long time. Blessings to you all!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

YES, you may say Merry Christmas here on I know this season you'll be hit with Happy Holiday's, Season's Greeting and many other greetings but you might not see Merry Christmas much.

We all know the reason behind stumping out Merry Christmas but the truth is...removing the wording doesn't change what happened.

So this year here is a challenge! Love the people around you, use the Christmas word and be patient with those trying to remove it! Shower them with love! That's the best example of what Christmas is really all about!

Hope you all have a Wonderful and Blessed Christmas! Leah

Well, I'm heading out here in a week. I'll be back on the Road to Recovery tour through Maryland and parts of Pennsylvania. I always get excited about this. I love hearing the stories of people who have successfully been able to move on with their life and find joy in God's grace and mercy.October I'll be in Illinois taking part in a Christian D.I.V.A.s event called "Redesign Your Mind". Some of the proceeds from that event will help the Lessie Bates DAvis Neighborhood House. So...if you are in the area please come! Oct 10th at 7:00 pm at Highland Hope United Methodist Church.

Welcome to 2009! What a year 2008 was! I know I've said it a lot. But it's true! Last year took me to Il, MO, OK, TX, KS, TN, MI, OH, AR, WI, MN, and IA. It was so amazing to be able to listen to people's stories of recovery and their journeys. Don't let anyone tell you that God doesn't still do some amazing things today because he does. You can see him at work everywhere! You just need to pay attention!

March I'm heading back out. This time it will be in the great states of GA, SC, NC and TN. So...if you are in those areas please check out the schedule. I'd love to meet you!
This summer Beth and I will be heading back to IA and the surrounding area. More to come on that.

Thank you so much to all of the churches and groups that had us in 2008. Thanks to all the people that bought my cd's and T-shirts to help as I toured. You don't know how much I appreciate you all!

If you are a church, women's group or a Christian event please stop by the contact page. I'd love to talk to you! 2009 is going to be just as busy!

I'd love to have a new cd out this year but not sure if that will happen. Have new music ready if it does. Beth and I have been writing a ton in the car during our travels. So...I'm guessing God has a plan for that new music. Hope you all have a great New Year and take a step towards reaching someone and leading them to Christ! Make it a goal!

September 2008! WOW! What a great fall tour we had! Even Ike couldn't get into our way. Although he did try and the rains did come but we didn't miss a beat! Thank you Arkansas for all the wonderful moments, prayers and special sharing you all did. Thanks for trusting your groups to us and allowing us to share our hearts and how God's healing grew us to where we are today in our lives. We hope that someday we'll be back because we sure would like to see you all again down the road. Blessings to you!

What a GREAT summer tour through Michigan and Ohio. It was like home away from home since I'm from Ohio. What a beautiful state Michigan is. Highlight was Petosky, MI. Thanks to the great group in Petosky I was giving a beautiful Petosky stone braclet. I'll be wearing that forever. Thanks to all of you who shared your stories and hearts. God has moved in amazing ways through each of you. I loved getting to know you all and praying with you. What a great summer tour it was!

Well, apparently "Divine Magazine" seems to think so! Leah was listed with three other Christian artists for 2008 people to watch in Christian music under their "Mover and Shakers" area. Thank you "Divine Magazine" for the mention. That's a great way to start off the first part of this year.

The winter R2R tour was a huge blessing! From Ohio to Texas, from Texas to Nashville boy was it packed. We had so many great moments I truly don't know where to begin.
One special moment was walking into the First UM Church in Tulsa! I haven't been in an old beautiful church for a really long time. I was overtaken by this churches beautiful windows, the pipe organ and the bigness you don't see today in churches. It took me back to the basics, the traditions, the childhood feeling of church. Beth and I sang but in all honesty we didn't need a mic that night. I don't think we could sing a bad note. It was a bit overwhelming for me the softy. That was so special.
Thank you all for having us. Thank you for sharing your stories with us. Thank you for taking a risk to having us. Thank you for allowing us to be who God created us to be. We loved working with you all! We can't wait to see you again
We're booking for Summer! If you have a group or event and your looking for music. Please e-mail me or Heartfelt Songs Music.

Welcome to 2008! How can it be that 2007 is now past? What an exciting year it has been starting with the release of “Still…” earlier last year. Highlights to the CD have been “Something Beautiful” and “Ten Thousand Angels”. Several radio stations have picked both songs up which has been a blessing to Leah’s ministry. “Something Beautiful” has had a real impact in people’s lives dealing with recovery as Leah has been touring throughout the U.S., bringing hope to those that need healing from addictions and past pains. Leah has had the chance this year to work with some amazing artists like Marianne Kesler, Jilleen and Beth Champion Mason.

2007 brought four major tours through OH, KY, GA, AL, TN, MS, N.C, S.C, VA, MD and FL with two different named tours, “R2R” tour and “Mirror of Ministry” tour, but one mission. Reaching the lost and healing lives! “I have met so many amazing people”, Leah said, “I have seen God change lives and make the difference. I have met people who told me stories of how low their lives got and now play a huge part in leadership. That’s what we should be seeing everywhere, all the time, every day. I was able to see that working with recovery groups. I came home not only blessed but healed of some past things in my own life. I guess you could say God had two purposes for the tours.”

2008 is going to even a bigger year with the kick off of R2R in Feb from Ohio to Texas. Beth Champion Mason will be joining Leah on this tour. The tour will end in Nashville with the joining of the Christian D.I.V.A.s network and a concert at the “NEW THING” dinner theatre. April brings Jilleen and Leah back together in northern CA and southern OR region. New addition will be a summer R2R tour. Leah and Beth will be coming together in July. Look for details as we get closer.

We would like to thank all of the churches, venues and groups for all the support over the last year. Thank you for opening your hearts and your doors to us. May God’s blessings be all over you, your families and each of your ministries. May He bring joy and peace to all of you throughout 2008.

If you are in Florida you can catch up with Leah in the Orlando area in October. Leah will be joining Jilleen where they will be performing Sunday in Orlando, Monday in the Stuart area and Tuesday in Tampa. For more information you can head over to .

Leah will also be joining Marianne Kesler again in November and December for the R2R tour. This tour will be through Virginia, Maryland, Washington D.C. and Delaware area's. You can get more information on that tour at . This tour is completely booked up at this moment!

The R2R tour is now booking the following states for the February and March tour to Texas. Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas. If you are in these area's and are interested in having Leah and Marianne at your event please contact Heartfelt Music group on the contact page.

You can order yours from this site! Look for downloads soon!

Something Beautiful on the Charts! Sitting number 9 in the first week isn't bad! Request it today at TSR

R2R tour - Fall 2007

Now being scheduled for Georgia, North and South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia R2R tour -Winter 2007

12 stops in 14 days and 5 states all in the South makes for a great tour! The weather was great well...except for that tornado thing in Montgomery, AL that Marianne and I happened upon. I've never pumped gas before during a tornado siren. That was a bit different! But God blessed us with a surprise, while pumping gas we noticed a hotel with the name we would be staying that night and it just so happened it was ours. So...during that whole storm we didn't have to go any further than across the street. That was really a blessing to us.

We met the most gracious and awesome people throughout the tour. We heard stories of lives being changed through recovery and others that just came to understand that it was time to hand it over. We were glad to be a part of something great happening in many peoples lives through Christian recovery groups. Marianne and I both feel that this is just the start of what God has called us to do together.

Thanks everyone for trusting us with your groups and allowing us to share our hearts. I know that I'm humbled and thankful to have met not only the leaders and churches but...every single person at each group. Blessings to you all!

primarytn.jpg tSr has the honor of being the first station to air the brand new single from Leah Martensen called "Beautiful" off her forthcoming CD 'Still'.

January News
"SHUT UP AND PRAY" gained the #2 spot on the charts at "IggyRocks" radio. We'd like to thank 'IggyRocks' and their listeners for making that happen. "Shut Up and Pray" has been on their charts for several months.
Thanks to you all!

Recovery Tour 2007
Leah and Marianne Kesler are joining together for the Road To Recovery Tour 2007.

They will be traveling through the South with a 13 day tour schedule that will be packed with hope, encouragement and challenges. Check out the Road To Recovery website :

Christian D.I.V.A.s Extravagance
Leah performed at the first "Christian D.I.V.A.s Extravagance" in Erie, MI. along with Beth Champion Mason, Kathleen Carnali, Jilleen, Marianne and Rachanee. This event was hosted by the Frog Leg Inn. The evening went on without a glitch and the weather was beautiful. Check out to view pictures from the Extravaganza and retreat.

Leah is now part of the podcasting craze. You can catch her on "Build A Church" and "The Aroma of Life". Leah is part of "Podsafe Music Network" where podcasters can download music for their radio shows. Keep an eye out for more news on which podcast shows have picked up Leah's music.

Hey! Head over to
Leah is the featured artist this week! Let TSR know your listening by leaving a comment. TSR is a big supporter of Leah's Music. Check it out!

Christmas 2006!
Leah is gearing up for Christmas 2006. If you are interested in having her anytime in December please head over to the booking area and start that process. It's not to soon to be thinking of Christmas!

Faithfest 2006!
Leah will be performing at Faithfest again this year! July 28th at 9:30pm. This year marks the 10th anniversary of Faithfest. Venues are set up in three locations over several night. Look for Leah over at New Exodus in Lincoln Park. New Exodus is a Christian Biker coffeehouse. Come and check it out! Lots of cool things happening there!

Leah is looking forward to joining the artist roster at CCMG. Leah should be a great fit to this group as they build their roster of artists who take serious the calling God has laid upon their lives. Located around the Chicago area makes CCMG right in the middle of tour traffic. It also brings it close to the home and ministry of J. Brian Hill. Leah's excited to be a part of something that's also affiliated with Brian. Who we understand is working on a great new project. So keep an eye out for CCMG in the near future! It's bound to have some great stuff blowing out of it. After all, CCMG is located in the Windy City!

AUG 19 - AUG 21
Greetings Everyone! I'm so excited about this summer! There's some really great things going on and I wanted to let everyone know about one festival of interest I'm really looking forward to. It's the DANISH FESTIVAL in Greenville, Michigan. I'll be performing there Friday Aug 19TH on the main stage at 4:00pm. Also look for some updates on this event. Jan(my husband) is Danish and we were married in Denmark so that's why this event is special to us. So.... come and join the fun, FOOD and just plain great music! I could use the support. This is a local city sponsored event and lots of stuff happening!

Faith Fest began in 1997. Faith Fest is a three day event with three stages of Christian artists performing their works of art musically. This event is packed with talent! This year marks the first year that Leah will be performing and she's looking forward to participating in this event. You can catch her at 8:00pm Friday the 29th in the coffeehouse. If you're around the Lincoln Park, Michigan area Leah would love to meet you. So come out and support Faith Fest 2005!

Catch Leah Saturday April 16th 10:00 P.S.T on KKLA 99.5 FM out of Los Angeles

Leah will be on "The Indie Edge Radio Showcase". Zoe Lexis will be interviewing Leah and playing songs off the new cd "What I'm Not". This broadcast will be on five of the largest counties in California including Ventura, Los Angeles, Orange and San Bernardino blanketing 14 million people in Southern California. The show will also be heard by the world on

September 23 -24, 2005
Iowa City Iowa

Leah with be performing at the annual "Midwestern Christian Book Fair" in Iowa City, Iowa. This event will be held at the Johnson County fairgrounds. Leah will be singing at the VIP Reception which kicks off the weekend events. This is a great way to learn more about books, publishing, networking and YES, there will be plenty of books and booths to satisfy your spending habit.


Singer/songwriter and World Vision Associate Artist Leah Martensen will release her third studio project on Feb 20th. Leah teamed up with "Paradiso Music" from Nashville, TN. Leah had a desire to do something different for this project, something modern but strong. Producer John Pisciotta caught the vision for the project and called it "What I'm Not." Together they made a great team. "What I'm Not" took nine months to create and was recorded at the Sound Kitchen in Brentwood, TN and Paradiso Studio in Nashville.


I have a song on this CD that is extremely important to me. How it got there is simple... GOD STEPPED IN. It came just before we were to go into the studio. I had asked God to somehow get a song on this CD that would talk about depression and being manic. A song that would talk about the highs and lows that people struggle with everyday and yet as Christians we rarely talk about. The song never came. Then at the last minute a song I was to record didn't get approved for the project. Frustration was setting in. Where were we going to find that last song in the eleventh hour?

We scoured the catalog for a song I could relate to and own. Nothing! My producer John and I sat and listened, we didn't like anything. Robin Welty, my Production Coordinator sat with a laptop sorting through the catalog of music. I thought I would take a look and see if some titles would jump out at me. Within a second I saw "Racing Cars".

I asked Robin about it and she said that she, Margaret Becker along with John had written the song together and it had never been recorded. We opened the file and that was all it took for me to know that God had just stepped in. I didn't have to listen to more than a few bars. I knew. Robin, Margaret and John have graciously allowed me to record "Racing Cars". It is my desire that people who have loved ones struggling with mood swings find comfort in this song and those who struggle will know that we will be there for them through the journey. Leah