WOW, 2014 is upon us!
I have no idea how we get to this place so fast every year, but I'm excited about it! Each new year is like wiping the slate clean. I feel like it's a time to look back and improve our lives. We can start over again if we failed, or begin something new, or reflect on what we went through and see how God brought us through it.

I have been sharing my story all my ministry years. From the beginning I knew God's direction for my life and what I was suppose to share and well, it's me! The good, the bad and the not so pretty. You all know I don't aim to impress. I don't cookie cut anything, try to be someone I'm not or blow things up or embellish my life. Many of you get to read it on FACEBOOK and I'm so glad I get to share with you my life. It really is an open book. Most of all I love to encourage you. There's enough negative in the world and negativity doesn't make anything better. So, for 2014 instead of just reading my story, hearing my story or being encourage by my story I want you to sit down and write YOUR story. Yep, all of it. Take a day, along with a cup of Java and write your story. AND, if you do so... I'd love to read it! If you would be brave enough to write it down I would be honored to read it.

I'm heading out again for 2014 and my goal is to share my story so others will share theirs. There is so much power in our past and it needs to be unleased. I'm beginning with my Facebook friends. You have the first glimpse of what your 2014 could look like through your willingness to share your life through your story. I can't wait to see what God is going to do. I can't wait to see the growth, strength and power you gave just by opening up your life. Are you with me??


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