Smile When It Rains!

Don't we all? I mean no one likes to be around someone that's just negative all the time. It's easy to be negative. I see that all the time on Facebook. Some people only post when they are mad, hurt, angry or aggressive. Sometimes I think Facebook has just become an outlet for people to vent.  I also think that Christianity shows up on Facebook as finding fault, adding failure, looking for hope and whining. There I said it, Whining! If God is all we need, is bigger than any problem or care we might have then why are we whining all the time? I hate to even write this because my first paragraph is negative. But, hold on. There is a point!
For those of you on my Facebook page, you know that I moved to the Atlanta, GA area about a year ago. It almost seemed like we moved over night. We left a house in Ohio to be sold and we really thought that God would make that house sale overnight. I mean we were 100% sure that this was God's direction for our life so he would make it easy on us by selling the house quickly. NOT! I can't tell you how many times over the last year I have said... We just need to get this house sold. Everyone's always asking me and I always have the same answer. Every night it's the same prayer and every day goes by and we still own a house. This house is not allowing us to let go of where we were. It's not making life down here easy. It's not helping us make plans for our future. It's made me question our direction and honestly God at times. I think we all get to the WHY place from time to time and I certainly have been there with this house. This house as become my thorn in my flesh. I just don't get all the why's but I'm also not going to allow satan to bring me down. I have chosen to "Smile in my Rain". 

Lately the theme that keeps coming back to me is...I am a positive person and I'd like to think that I am. I have a lot of reason why I'm like that. I'm not positive because I don't have struggles, or don't hurt. I have all those things, but I've always been the bounce back girl.  I don't wallow in misery. I kick in, find answers, move forward and get the job down. I draw closer to the one who will walk me through it, God. If I have to work harder I will. I'm not going to post how life stinks for me right now. (Haha, I might write a song about it though) God just didn't design me that way. If I believe in a God that knows all, then I'm going to do my best to smile in my rain because I know He sees it and He'll get me through it.

This last year has been an amazing time of seeing God show up. Seriously, if you only knew what we have been through and some of the stories of how God brought us through some situations that were just out of our control. It's really been a time of Smiling in my Rain.  God brought us to Georgia and for whatever reason our house hasn't sold. It would be easy to focus on that one thing but life isn't about my house selling. Writing that is just as a reminder to me as it is an encouragement to others. Timing is everything and God's timing is perfect. I don't want to wake up every day with a negative attitude because of a house that hasn't sold. I want to smile in my rain and bring humor, support and hope to those that might need it. I want a joyful life filled with enjoyable moments.

So, I guess my question for you is... are you smiling in your rain? Do you need to turn your negative into a better outlook? I'm not saying we need to plaster on a smile all the time and not face what we are going through. I'm just saying we need to give our rain to God so we can do His work and have a joyful life inspite of what the world hands us. Negativity is a tool satan can use to spoil anything. Positivity shuts the door for satan to creep in and steal our life.

Here's hoping we all find our happy place today!

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  • Glenda Kremer

    Glenda Kremer Liberty Township Ohio

    I read this the other day but excited to get it today confirming I think that I did get signed up somehow and get your blogs! yeah! love ya! Glenda Kremer

    I read this the other day but excited to get it today confirming I think that I did get signed up somehow and get your blogs! yeah!
    love ya!
    Glenda Kremer

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