Georgia On MY Mind!

 Well, today is the day! We will be packing the 2 cars and our small ministries trailer with all the stuff we are still hoping to take with us and closing our door behind us tightly. It's a very sad day and yet an very exciting day. We are leaving behind but not forgetting some really great friends. We will be connecting back up regularly to some friends in GA we have been separated from for 20 some years and hoping to make new ones in our area.

The last few weeks have been a fog, alot of hard work and emotional to say the least. Jan and I were talking last night and he said, I don't know how people get through this(leaving friends/family behind) without Christ. I said I didn't know. This is definitely up there with the top 10 most difficult things we have ever done. Next, week I'll probably feel completely different about it. LOL! OK, maybe once we finally get into our apartment and feel like we have our own space. But through all this we see God and he continually reminded us we were not alone. We are walking together and he has picked this journey for us. He has clearly picked this journey for us.

Goodbye Toledo(Sylvania), OH! You have been our home for 25 years. We have had our ups and downs with you but you have brought us lots of memories and friends we will always have. You will be missed! Signing off from Ohio and y'all willl be hearing from me from GEORGIA!

Hello Georgia where ministries taken over! Loving the challenges that come with following Jesus!

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