Who I Really Am

Who I Really Am 
Realizing that God is not in the business of calling only the equipped, but equipping those he calls, Leah is the first to state that she is not a typical musician. "I'm not looking for fame and stardom, nor am I what ‘stardom’ is looking for,” she says. “I have a simple message and I tell my story: God is using me in spite of who I pretend to be sometimes. I've traveled the world telling this story. Who I pretend to be isn't who I really am! I think we all can relate to that on some level." 

As she prepares to release her fifth album, Leah is shifting gears, leaning to a more rock/blues flavor, a different sound from both What I'm Not and Still... which were both contemporary pop. "I'm finally home with this CD," Leah says.  “I'm singing in a style I truly have a passion for with the words God has given me. I'm so excited about this new project!" 

Aptly titled Who I Really Am, this new album shines its light on Leah’s belief that God sees her for who she really is and not for who she pretends to be. 

“People all over the world are lost," says Leah. "They are hiding who they really are in fear that people won't accept them as they are, and God won't love them. God’s love endures.  It does not matter what other people think or what they try to do against us. We just need to follow Christ’s example and be who He created us to be in His eyes. I’m coming out of hiding myself.  I’m learning all over again who I truly am in Christ. No more retreating back to pretending otherwise. I thought I had everything worked out, and that I had moved forward. I thought I had tackled my inner struggles, only to have the wounds slashed open once again".  
"Struggling through the humiliation of a divorce, having the title I wore most proudly, that of ‘wife’ stripped away from me and the ending of a 30-year marriage with a simple signature, left me in devastation mode," says Leah. “This was not supposed to happen to someone who dedicated her life to Godly work. More importantly, my heart questioned why it was allowed.”   

"I am compelled to say that through much prayer, and I do mean MUCH prayer, God’s Word and the blessing of true friends, I’m transitioning my way through the process from being married into embracing a new single life.  A life, at times, that is scary with lots of firsts, struggles that have made me stronger and left me overflowing with faith.  I have faced my darkest hour. I now know who I really, really am, even at my weakest, and now I want to share God’s hope, my struggles, new joys and lastly, my new-found peace with others. It wasn’t until I was completely on my own, surrounded by God, that I found who I was and who I am meant to be. I can now say I like my new self and appreciate who I have become. I’m done pretending. Now is the time to show the world who I really am and share what God has done for me and let that inspire all of you to see what God wants for you and your future." 
Recorded at BCM Music Productions in Suffolk, VA, Who I Really Am will feature songs that touch on real life issues, with emotional underscores that Leah hopes her audience will relate to on a personal level. She wants to send out an album that gives listeners hope for the future and inspiration to become who they really are. "These songs are me," says Leah. "I co-wrote 7 of the 11 songs on Who I Really Am. These songs are made up of pieces of decisions I've had to make over the years, real fears I've had in my life, moments I've questioned why God would love me. They're honest moments in my life.  I hope my audience will appreciate the message of my new songs and like me, stop pretending and just be who God designed them to be.” 

Since launching her musical career nearly twenty years ago, Leah has released five albums with JS Records: Where is the Love (2000), Give It To Him (2002), What I'm Not (2005), Still...(2007) and now Who I Really Am.   What I'm Not earned a top seven place with the single “Shut up and Pray” on the IggyRock charts earlier this year. Still... had several songs from that CD that topped the charts. The single “Something Beautiful” set the whole CD project in place. I can't wait to see what the Lord allows to happen with Who I Really Am once it is officially released," says Leah. 

Leah formed a collective of female Christian artists called Christian D.I.V.A.S. who were featured regularly on TSR Radio and also on Christian D.I.V.A.S. own radio program. Christian D.I.V.A.S started out as a group of women artists who supported each other. Now, they tour nationally together singing at conferences and women's events. 

Through Christian D.I.V.A.S., Leah started touring with Beth Champion Mason serving Celebrate Recovery groups and recovery organizations through the Road To Recovery Tour which is still active today. The Road To Recovery Tour has traveled to almost every state in the continental United States.   

Leah's music has been featured on several Podcast programs including Build The Church, Mad Money Review, Delta Radio and Delta Podcast. 

As Leah has developed her ministry, she has found freedom and opportunities for reaching others. “As a Christian artist, God and I get to call the shots. I have the freedom to go where God leads, and I wouldn't want it any other way.” 

God has led Leah to interesting places. She has ministered at churches, conferences, recovery groups, women's event and performed at countless coffeehouses, fairs and festivals across the United States and around the world. 

Leah has experienced the adventure of traveling with other musicians and continues to plan a busy tour schedule for 2016. 

"I've been singing all my life and traveling for the last 20 years. It’s a privilege that God would allow me to join with pastors and churches encouraging their ministries and bringing believers together.” 



1st place winner in the I.B.B.F. Vocal Competition 
Toured Internationally - South Africa, Russia, Finland, Israel, and Canada 
Did backup work with artists such as Larnelle Harris, Twilia Paris, Sandi Patti and the Gaithers 
Performed on the Larnelle Harris Christmas video 
Performed in the "Young Messiah" and "David, A Man After God's Own Heart" 
An Affiliate artist with World Vision International 
Recorded 2 cd's in Nashville under the "Paradiso Record" label 
Radio play both nationally and internationally 
Listed in Divine Magazine 2008 as one of 4 artists as a Mover and Shaker in Christian Music